Backend Developer

As a Senior/Junior Backend Developer with experience in distribution, transport, or logistics, we expect candidate to be be responsible for designing and implementing the backend systems that support a logistics or transportation company. His main duties will include:

1. Designing and implementing APIs and services using Java Springboot and APIgee.
2. Developing and maintaining the backend architecture of the company’s systems
3. Building and deploying new features and functionality to support the company’s logistics and transportation operations
4. Optimizing the performance and scalability of the backend systems
5. Collaborating with other developers and stakeholders to ensure that the backend systems meet the needs of the business
6. Troubleshooting and resolving issues with the backend systems
7. Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies to ensure that the systems stay competitive
8. Ensure the security of the backend systems and data.

The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of API architecture and implementation, as well as experience in the logistics or transportation industry. Strong experience with Java Springboot and APIgee is required. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are also essential, as well as experience with cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Good communication skills and team working experience is also required.

Forma: IČO

Sektor: Retail - Logistic

Místo: Praha / Full Remote

Délka Projektu: 1 year, extendable

Cena: 6000 - 10000 CZK / MD