15+ Years in ICT

We are a Czech ICT company established in 2007.

We provide body shopping / team leasing services, focusing on analytics, development, architecture, testing, integration, and support of various IT systems.

300+ Projects

We command modern information technologies.

We work directly with banks, insurance companies, and other businesess.

Upholding Values

Apart from expert knowledge, we hold emotional intelligence and personal integrity in very high regard.

That is why we handpick our new colleagues, so that we can guarantee project stability and longevity to all our clients.

CS: We use common sense. The things we do must make sense to us.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: We address customer requirements individually, based on their specific needs, ideas and possibilities.

QUALITY: We only do what we understand. We offer services for which we are able to guarantee 100% quality. It is an absolute priority for us that every customer is satisfied with this quality.

GOOD REPUTATION: There is a pre-delivery date for each project, it is a question of reputation and prestige for us to meet it.

COMMUNICATION: We never play possum. We communicate, we perform tasks on time, we have a high rate of self-motivation and self-reflection.

PROACTIVITY: We don’t work “from-to”. We always try to make things better and perfect them.

RESPONSIBILITY: We keep our promises.


Are you an IT specialist and looking for a new project?

Are you a reputable company that needs to deliver an IT solution?

Please contact us even in case of establishing a long-term cooperation.

We are currently looking for the following consultants:


Michal Kindl


Petr Vavera



Petr Soukup

Sales Representative